After months of hard work, it will all come to a head this Sunday. I have door knocked and phoned and talked with many of you. You know my strengths:

Leadership in the Community – I have served on the Highland District Council and on the Capital Improvement Budget Committee, so I know intimately the issues specific the district, such as the Ford Plant redevelopment and transportation issues. I have worked with both the St Paul and Minneapolis City Councils, building coalitions of people and getting ordinances passed, so I know how to get things done.

Leadership in the DFL – I have worn many hats over the years, from delegation chair at the State Convention, campaign manager, affirmative active chair, caucus organizer, delegate to the National Convention, and much more. 

None of these leadership positions were part of a paid job.  They were all because of my devotion for my community and my passion for the principles of the DFL party.

I am different from the other candidates. I am the only one to come from a low income family, and made it to college only with a lot of help. So, when I talk about wanting to advocate for those programs, I know why they are important from real experience.  Also, my passion for the woods and waters of our state isn’t something just for a campaign, but has been a part of me all my life. I know caring about our natural resources isn’t just taking a stand on PolyMet, but on climate change, invasive species and open space protection. I know also what our teachers are facing in the classroom, and how the mountains of paperwork for our special ed teachers is impacting our kids. See, I live with a teacher, so I see every day the challenges they face.

So I have real life experience to bring to the legislature – the experience of working in a regular, private sector job, the experience of living with a teacher and knowing the hardships they often face, and the experience of growing up in a low income family and the real difference a helping hand can make to get to independence.

I hope we can talk more on Sunday and I can join my long list of supporters!


OPEN HOUSE tonight, COFFEE on Saturday AM

There are two more chances to get together and talk about the issues and to get to know me better!


OPEN HOUSE TONIGHT – Friday, March 14 from 6 – 8 PM

At my home at 1917 Bohland Ave.

I’ll supply the food and coffee, you supply the questions. Come over and talk in a relaxed and quiet setting.


COFFEE AND CONVERSATION TOMORROW – Saturday, March 15 from 9:30 – 11 AM

at Espresso Royal at 475 Fairview Ave S.

if you’re out running errands, or just want to get out of the house, stop by!

My C rating from NOW – and what you need to know about it!

Yes, this radically pro-choice feminist got a C rating from the National Organization for Women. Why? On the rating form they send out, I answered two questions differently from all the others in this race. I knew it might not go over well, but I will never hedge on an answer for political gain.

I’ve included a link to Tim Nelson’s blog – www.theracefor64b.com.   This includes not only my interview with him on the subject, but the entire email I sent out. This is a great way to see how I’m different in this race!



Lee Helgen supports Gloria Zaiger for MN Representative 64B

“I worked with Gloria after she first approached me to change a St Paul city ordinance. She knew how to build a coalition of people to work with us to draft the ordinance. She was the driving force for getting this passed and making our community better. I know she has been deeply involved in the community in so many ways, she will be a great member of the legislature.”

Lee Helgen, Former St. Paul City Councilman

Alice Hausman supports Gloria Zaiger for MN Representative 64B

“I personally know Gloria’s dedication to serving both the community and the DFL party. She knows that it’s this grassroots activism that makes our communities strong and she has been a committed volunteer for years. She knows how to be an effective leader and works hard to get things done.

She has my support!

Alice Hausman, Minnesota House of Representatives 66A

Keith Hardy supports Gloria Zaiger for MN House Representative 64B

“I’m excited that Gloria is a candidate to serve in the Minnesota state legislature! What I value most about Gloria is a fervent commitment to helping people have a quality life, a life filled with equitable opportunity and equal respect, and a life that helps us achieve our goals.

Over the years I’ve known Gloria, she has consistently shown me respect, authentic listening, and acceptance of who I am. This is an important quality in an elected leader for me. I believe Gloria will bring those qualities to the legislature and work with her colleagues to make life better for the families and children in 64B, St. Paul and throughout Minnesota.”

— Keith Hardy, Vice Chair, St. Paul Board of Education

Meet & Greet Gloria Zaiger – Feb. 27


Meet Gloria Zaiger, candidate for MN House of Representatives 64B

Please come to my next Meet & Greet on Thursday, February 27 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. The Meet & Greet will be held at 1754 Field Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55116

I hope you will stop by so we can meet and talk about the issues important to you and our state.

Endorsement for Gloria Zaiger for MN House 64B

Zaiger for State Rep in 64B

“I write in support of Gloria Zaiger for state representative in District 64B because character counts. At the DFL precinct caucus, Zaiger’s passion for public service shone. Gloria, a University of Minnesota alumnus, is deeply committed to the health, welfare and prosperity of the people in our district and Minnesota, all while preserving the land, air and water.

She and her siblings lost their father at a young age. This candidate knows family struggle and perserverance, and she appreciates hard-won public goods. She works in the private sector full time, knows what it takes to do so, and has given her time volunteering to improve her Highland Park community and the DFL Party. Get to know her and join me in supporting Gloria Zaiger.”

Peter Mitchell

Editorial in the Highland Villager, February 19